We are leading company in the Consulting, Supplying, and Integrating Industrial Automation, process control, Instrumentation and also Test, Analyze and Measurements instruments. Our company staff with more than 10 years experience on Asia and Middle East market and working with many industrial factories and clients in small and big projects know real requirement instruments in this area and can help you to introduce your product in this zone with cost-effective, high-value services.
Due to the increasing demand for industrial instruments and specialized equipment in industry zone and factories for constructing and maintenance of product lines, Padaco with a reasonably complete set of classified information about industrial equipment and applied scientific explanation about these affordable products, especially in the area of instrumentation, industrial automation and Process control equipment and also test , measurement and analysis. we attempts to response these Requirement correctly for activists in mentioned fields of industry.
Padaco consists of these three operating divisions:

Marketing division: we offers the complete range of integrated marketing services, including strategic planning, branding, advertising, graphic design, digital media, direct marketing and translating product specification in regional language . We create inspired communications solutions that deliver results for our clients. We do worldwide and Regional marketing of the best technologies and products in the areas of affordable Instrumentation and Industrial Process Automation, Test, Analyze and measurement .If you are a manufacturer of such technologies and products, Padaco is where that will put you on the map in far regions of the world and make the market interested to your products.

Trading division: Padaco As ambitious company for promote your brand and product, therefore we can store and exhibit some applicable instruments in Instrumentation, automation, test and analyze fields. our experienced supplier team can provide condition to propose and sell your instruments or products or in some case , substitute with equivalent equipment from other brands .

Training division: we do learn some Basic Concepts of Instrumentation & Process Control , Control system hierarchical structure Analog & Discrete Control Current Scenario -Telemetry PLC, SCADA & DCS and PC based automation Control Loop Components­ Sensors and Transducers for Process Variables (Temperature; Pressure; Flow; Level, etc.) Controllers, E/P Converter, FCE SMART Instrumentation Transmitters, HART, FB and work with analyzer , data acquisition system .
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Portable Automated Mixing and Grout Batch Plant



Wireless Digital Inclinometer


Monitoring & Recording Equipment for Grouting



Digital Water Level Sounder