Monitoring & Recording Equipment for Grouting

The PAD-800 Compaction Grout Monitor System provides operators and engineers real-time display of key grouting parameters to enhance the understanding of site conditions.
It is invaluable in providing a permanent record of key grouting parameters for quality assurance, quantity documentation, pressure and flow readings.For low mobility/high pressure applications, wired and wireless header pressure monitoring is available.
PAD-800 is capable of monitoringfour grout lines simultaneously andcan be used for injections using theGIN method or for Lugeon tests.The recorder registers as standard upto 1450 psi (100 bar) pressure and 26gpm (100 l/min) flow. The recorder
electronics are built-in in a tight cabinetwith an LCD display. On the bottomof the cabinet there are cable connectionsand a USB port with a strongand waterproof cover with an easy gripto open and insert the provided USBmemory stick. All data stored in the
PAD-800 can be transferred to a computer,either via the USB memory stickor via a computer network connection.